Eagle Scouts: 2nd entry with @ntowl

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This is entry #2 with @ntowl into the We-write contest. We had so much fun that we had to pair up again. Where will it go this time?

As an extra challeng to myself, I threw in a wretch. I took Vocab-ability words put on by @majes.tytyty and used them to complete my part of the story while the 5 minute clocked ticked down.

1st entry can be found here and here.

The prompt was: Eagle Scout.


"Listen up," said the eagle scout to the cubs, "I am going to have you all design a legible alphabet from scratch."

"You want us to scratch." Giggles spark among the cubs in the room. "What are we going to scratch?"

"You have used my word in the wrong sense, little Charlie. After listening to the lecture I have lined up for you on this machine," putting his hand down on top of the video recorder, "you are going to create a language by using your imaginations."

"Can't we do that outside instead of being in here pretending to be intellectuals," another cub asks.

The eagle scouts lips purse up and his brows tighten as if going into a deep thought. "The legend around Sparky Hills says that when little cubs don't do what is assigned to them by there eagle scout leader, parts of children can later be dug up by the next group of cubs that come to camp."

===@ntowl part===

Silence filled the air as the cubs looked at each other. Their leader was usually firm, but kind and never said anything remotely scary. They weren't quite sure what to do.

Finally Charlie eked up the courage to break the quiet, "That isn't true. You're just trying to get us to do your silly project. If that happened then there wouldn't ever be a camp again."

A thin smile crossed the leader's face, "You think so?"

"I know so," he said, stamping his foot awkwardly from his sitting position. The other cubs just sat and watched the exchange.

"Hey, George!" the leader yelled across the pavillion they were in. A young man about the leader's age came running over.

"What's up?" George asked.

"Young cub Charlie here doesn't believe the Sparky Hill's Legend."

George's eyes grew wide as he looked at the cub and then back at the leader. "You want me to show him?"

"Oh yeah."

"Al'righty. Come on cub, follow me."

The other boys stared at Charlie who stood, but hesitated. Then, standing straight as he could, left behind George.

The leader pulled out his phone and spent the next ten minutes ignoring the other cubs. Finally, he dropped it back into his pocket and said, "So who wants to go first?"

All the boys raised their hands. As they worked on creating their languages, they would look to the door as often as they dared. Charlie never came back.


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Excellent writing. It's unique and interesting.

And your use of specific words indicates that you know how to write well. Keep up the good work!

Oh dear. Poor Charlie!

Way to go - double double challenge! 😂

These are fun and a bit challenging at the moment.