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Here is my entry into the We-write contest. My partner is @ntowl.

The prompt was: Eagle Scout.

===@ntowl part===

Phoenix snapped his carabiner onto the rope. He looked back, nodded to Josh and began climbing the cliff face. His mind raced as he felt for his next handhold and then missed. He caught himself on a small ledge about halfway up, but gave thanks he had the ropes and safety equipment.

This location was the last hope the Eagle Scouts had. The organization had searched most of North America over the last few years. If they couldn't find nesting eagles here, then the birds might truly have gone extinct. The thought nearly brought him to tears. Just two weeks ago they'd participated in a Native American spiritual ritual to help them connect with their spirit guides. His turned out to be a Golden Eagle. The connection had been so strong that he felt their presence in every cell in his being. Yet their search in the days that followed turned up nothing.

Now, about halfway up he still had no sign they were near.

[email protected] part===

Phoenix and Josh settle on a ledge where they can take a break. Phoenix takes out his binoculars and starts looking around to see if he can find a golden eagle perched. It is still an hour away before they have been know to hunt.

Josh opens his bag and takes out the cooking equipment. There is a small portion of food left between them. Hunting for food was going to be the only option they had left if they had to spent more than a day looking for Phoenix's spirit guide.

Phoenix and Josh both look up when they hear the growling. There above them stands a large wolf. Its lips uncovered the deadly teeth. The wolfs eyes dart back and forth from Phoenix to Josh back to Phoenix.

Before the wolf made its move, a golden eagle came from out of nowhere, grabbed the wolf by the back, and tossed it over the cliff's side.

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Nice, great job on this we-write. 👍👍

@wonderwop You want to write one together?

I would love that @tristancarax I'm just too busy for this prompt, maybe the next we-write. 👍👍


way to go, Eagle. Throw that wolf...