Day 81: 5 Minute Freewrite: Monday - Prompt: grapevine

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What if I were to take this grapevine and wrap it around your neck? What would you do then? Would you think I was trying to kill you or would you get off by it? Are you a person who likes to get choked out?

I don't think I can ever be with a person who enjoys being tortured by another person. I have gone to a couple of the dominatrix performances. I'm not a dom, nor am I submissive to the point that I'll do anything you ask.

What would you like to do with a grapevine? Are there any benefits to eating it? Does it have healing properties? Is it poison?

I used to go to my mom's boyfriend's parent's house. They had the best grapes that were ready to be picked from the vine.

My cat was left there. Skeeter was that cats name. He just got a little wild after being away from people for so long. I don't know what happened to that cat.

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Hmm honestly, I think most people are somewhere in between. I don't think people are neutral, like you must be inclined towards one of the 2 - either dominance or submissiveness, but I don't think most of us desire those extremes. Not without boundaries...Who knows, maybe it gets to be too little after awhile and that's how you get to the more extreme stuff? I don't know...
I really like how you used the prompt though, I would not have thought of choking someone.

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Perhaps the cat developed a taste for grapes!

I hope he didn't die there and we ended up eating him through the plants.