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I’ve only dreamt of having a ridiculous amount of fun. Not much action has been taken to make this happen. I feel stuck. Stuck in my head; stuck in my place from the beginning of my birth; stuck to the tv; stuck to the video games; stuck to what other people said I should be doing with my time here on earth; stuck in my childhood ways, longing to grow up.

I don’t feel like I’ve wasted the last few years of my life. I’ve been spending much of my time learning about myself and the world around me. My goal is to learn How To Think. This goes against all of the schooling and social programming of our day. I want to be free; freedom requires work. I’m stuck in this thought at times I’ll get everything I want simply because I desire it without putting forth the effort.

My time is coming through. I’ve been told I’ll get through this very difficult spot of my life. I’m a lotus flower still pushing its way through the miles of muck. I’m very resilient and persistent. I’ll eventually have a life I’m grateful to have because I realized to have anything worth having, I had to put in the work and it took one small step at a time.

If at the end of my days I can proclaim “I’ve become Fully Human!” then, I think, I’ll be able to also say, “I’ve had a ridiculous amount of fun with my time here on this earth.”



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Day 190: 5 Minute Freewrite: Friday - Prompt: a ridiculous amount of fun

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Just lovely. We're all pushing through our own "miles of muck" - but not all of us realize that we're lotuses. Thanks for that reminder.



You and me both buddy - took a long time for me to realise I wasn't going to do anything or create anything worthwhile, if I never took that first step. Motivation comes to me in stops and starts, some months easier than others, but I hope I'll continue to 'push through the miles of muck' as you so aptly put it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, that first video was also very interesting, I have long held similar opinions on the subject...


Thanks for sharing your story with me. Taking the first step can be a challenge. Keeping it up is also one. 😜

My journey of getting put of the.muck began about five years ago on the last days of living in NY. A friend invited me over to his place and that is when I began to take learning seriously. I was first introduced to John Taylor Gatto then. My friend changed my life for the better.

I’d like to give two special VERY BIG HUGES to @abmakko for using this piece for entering and winning a contest and @freewritehouse for them choosing this piece out of the others that were submitted.

I’m also grateful to all who enjoyed this thought-provoking piece. 🙏🏼


Much love :-)

I also have that yearning to be free. hopefully, we will get there one day. the programming is hard to crack. someone pls set it on easy mode lol


Easy mode ... 🤣 If only we could hit rewind.

Keep on stepping forward. And act like you are already there...

Time learning is never wasted. You've a great outlook and I'm sure that as you bloom, that attitude will serve you well! Here's to your times ahead and all of the fun you'll be having! 🤗



What if, the "test," is not what we go through, but an examination, of how we endure? A thought provoking write. Instant follow.



Your question is thought provoking. Sounds like you’re coming from an Afrikan perspective.


I am coming from a Human perspective, for to struggle is Human.