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Excuse me. Will you grab my cane? It is under the desk. It fell down there as I was bending over to trap a fly and feed him to the spider who has spun a web in the left-hand corner of the wall that is painted a dark blue.

I would not have noticed him if it wasn’t for the glare of the sun’s light coming in through the window.

Thank you for picking up my cane. Do you mind going to grab the blender along with a pineapple, some spinach, dandelion heads, an orange, and a couple cloves of garlic? I’m going to see if I can cure this cold I have and get my bladder to start functioning properly at the same time. Maybe I should concentrate on one thing at a time?

Oh! Yes, the spider is pleased with its meal.



Red Wine:

I have a family full of drug addicts and alcoholics, though I don’t know hardly any of them. - We moved around a lot. My mother kept us away from any and all family members.

I had taken up drinking more often when I turned the age of twenty-one. That was the time it became easy to drink because I didn’t need someone else to go get it for me. At first, it was only a couple drinks a day, mostly drank in the night time. I like being sober during the day. I also knew I like being sober; however, being intoxicated takes the painful memories away.

I really do like red wine. One of my favorite alcoholic drinks. However, if I purchase a bottle, I’ll end up drinking the entire thing all by myself. - I rarely go to clubs or bars to drink. That is way to expensive.

At first, I’d drink only one bottle a night. As time progressed, I began drinking two a night for about a year or so.

I don’t drink much anymore. The drinking gets in the way of Qigong and Taijiquan practice because the next day after drinking, it is exceedingly tiring to practice.

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Day 189: 5 Minute Freewrite: Thursday - Prompt: cane

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Both are written so well. My family has a history of drinking, too. I was afraid to even go there after what I saw. I celebrate all who kick it knowing the end so many face.

I struggle with it still. Weed helps me stay away from drink but it can also be used to cover up issues, which I’m doing. 🤗🤨

hugs at least you are cognizant and working on healing.


Look at you - 2 freewrites at once. Hopefully Qigong is a way to calm the mind so it is not craving alcohol to forget...

☺️ These freewrites are addicting.

Qigong and Taijiquan have help a tremendous amount in helping to remain calm and/or help me from blowing-up extremely quick.

Wow, two freewrites at once! I loved the first one, and could just picture so well. I hope you choose being sober full time. Alcoholism runs in my family also.

I'm also here to deliver the prompt for today!

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The first one was fun to write.

I have my challenges with alcohol. I do enjoy being sober and enjoy being drunk, but enjoy being sober much, much more. 🤪