Great write mate!

We have traveled out of our solar system many of times. We have only forgotten how it is done.

I think the way to do this is to accept that the inside and outside of our solar system are the same thing, the same place. Much like we ourselves are indistinguishable on a fundamental level from the universe itself. You don't have to leave the solar system to move beyond it spiritually.

Not sure if that's what you were going for but that's what I got out of it :) Thanks for such a thoughtful write - certainly got my mind working!

Couldn’t rewrite it better than you did!

Qigong, Taijiquan and my teacher have helped me see this reality before us. However, I’m still working on being able to travel like this myself.

”The Secret Life of Plants” touches on this thought as well.

Awesome, so glad we were on a similar wavelength :)

I hadn't heard of the book but I will definitely be checking it out.

When you are tired, close your eyes for eighty breaths. Do not fall asleep. Let whatever comes to mind pass through without latching on to the thought nor attempting to push it out. Let what comes up come and let it pass like the water flowing in a stream.

I do guided meditations before bed, but in the morning I listen to the sounds of ocean waves and just let my brain wander. It's intriguing how different my thoughts are each morning.

Great take on the freewrite!

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Thanks for sharing what you do. My seba (teacher) has us practicing and listening to water often as a way to relax the body and calm the mind.

If you’ve ever read ”Dune,” the 80 breaths practice is from the Bene Gesserit training.

I’m coming from a taoist perspective regarding the meditative practice.

I lived on a boat for a while and the sounds of water seems to have a much more calming effect than it ever did before that.

😮 lived on a boat. How awesome. Where at and what was your purpose?

It was something that my husband had always dreamed of doing... and something his dad had dreamed of doing. His parents passed away before they could, so we went on a n adventure. Down the coast of Florida, across to the Bahamas, down through those islands to Turks & Caicos and the Dominican Republic. For almost two years. The purpose was really just to have the experience!

🤣🙏🏼 There must be different freewrites. Yours says ”Red Wine.” The post you link to says ”cane.” 😉 I’ll do both this time around.

Hahaha... nope. I'm just dysfunctional and it's a typo. :/ I'm really really REALLY bad at this.

Hahaha. I won’t hold this mistake against you.

So many nuggets of wisdom tucked so nicely in this thought provoking piece I had to reread. Succinct and well said.

With all of the negative mind control by outside forces, we remain locked in our worlds, fighting for every breath we take...

Thank you!

It is great how this 5 minute work pulls things out.

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