Day 57: 5 Minute Freewrite: Friday - Prompt: skinny

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I have to tell you folks that I wasn't always "skinny." I used to be a little chunky. I drank about six cans of soda a day. Pepsi was my favorite. Don't get me wrong. I was never whale sized. I guess that I just looked fat to people.

One day came when I had these boils on my body. I don't know why or what logic I used, but it boiled down to I'm looking at my soda can for the sugar content. No, I did not stop there. I looked at all of the so-called "healthy" drinks I was drinking and found the sugar content is really, really, really high. No, I did not stop there. I looked at my food, cans of it everywhere. Would you be able to guess what I found with fruit? More sugar. Why would you need to add sugar to an already sweat enough fruit? WTF!?!

That is how I became "skinny." I dropped the processed sugar - a chemical more addicting than crack - and went for the fresh fruits and veggies. People around me at that time would ask, "Are you on crack or speed? You have lost a lot of weight."

"No. I bike. I smoke a LOT of weed. Oh, yeah! I stopped drinking and eating massive amounts of sugar."

"You've got to be lying." (insert zone glazed eyes here) - sugar is good for me. Master tells me so. Master tells me so.

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  36. Travel
  37. A Kiss
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  39. Detective
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  48. Wet
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Alright. Thanks!

If only I could stop eating jordan almonds and jr. mints! Like you, I learned drinking calories was kind of lame, but I'm still eating the poison!


I, also, still eat some of that shit. However, it is no longer in everything that I am consuming. Sounds like you are the same.

The sugar industry made sure that scientist blamed fat for people getting fat - true story...

Good for you to be eating mostly fruit and veggies. Tastes better anyways :)