Day 54: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday - Prompt: describe the room you are in

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Rows of books fill the library floor. A person walks on the far end to the left, comes through the columns in my direction, and turns to my right as he looks down the stacked rows of books.

A guy coughed. I can see his reflection in my screen. He has a pair of headphone on and appears to be watching a screen. He has a cane in one hand, the one with the watch on it. He is an older, black man. He is taking a sip of his blue Gatorade - amazing that I am able to see the colors from the reflection of my screen.

The security guard, who is about the height of 5'7" and a Spanish woman, walks around (most likely checking to see who is sleeping). She stops to chat with one of the patrons.



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  7. Cane (Bonus: Red Wine)
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  11. Hook
  12. Sweater
  13. The Entryway
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  18. Party
  19. Important
  20. Parasol
  21. Back Pain
  22. Late
  23. Medium
  24. Mother
  25. Banana
  26. Paper
  27. Milk
  28. Tree
  29. Swing
  30. Bored Stiff
  31. 5
  32. Home Alone and Doctor’s Office
  33. Monkey’s Wedding
  34. Wire
  35. Appetite
  36. Travel
  37. A Kiss
  38. Mice
  39. Detective
  40. Homeless
  41. Eyebrows
  42. 40 Percent Off
  43. One Year
  44. Frosting a Cake
  45. Bones
  46. Clouds
  47. Scratch
  48. Wet
  49. Cherry
  50. Depression
  51. Camping
  52. Caterpillar
  53. Quadrillion

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  3. The Chair That I’m Strapped To
  4. The Stall - Part 1
  5. The Stall - Part 2
  6. A Common Ending
  7. The Stall – Part 9
  8. Withdrawal

Which library? Ours is the Cahuenga branch!

Don’t you mean Ivar? That is the entrance that I know. We can meet up there if you are around.

Nope, I mean that we use the Cahuenga branch library in the LAPL system.

Oh! I got you. Maybe we can plan to meet there some day.

I love the library and you did a nice job describing it.

Thanks. I spend a lot of time hanging out in the library. You could say I’m hiding from the world. 😝

The library used to be my favorite place, but they've upgraded the ones around here so much that they're all bright and airy with a lot of steel and white. It makes me miss the wood and old cozy feel of libraries when I was younger!

Great freewrite and a great place to be!

That is one of the major problems I have with the YMCA. T.Vs blasting and those god awful lights they use are major distractions!

The library here in Hollywood isn’t too bad, as bad as what you’re speaking of that is.

I used to spend so much time in libraries and now I haven’t been in one in years.
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If I had a place to live, I probably won't spend much time hear either.

libraries are so great!! Especially here in the States. So many programs are offered and there is always something to do. Great places to hang out - even if it is for hiding purposes :)