Day 46: 5 Minute Freewrite: Monday - Prompt: clouds

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I don't like looking up into the sky and seeing those fake ass "clouds." They cover the entire sky. People want to say it is only smoke coming out from the back of the plane. I really don't care. That shit looks nasty as it spread all over the sky, cover the sun's rays from reaching the planet. Is no one else concerned about this?

I do like real clouds. They are awesome!

I have been aware of the fake "clouds" for about five years now. I see them being sprayed all over Los Angeles. Las Vegas was just as bad. Who is going to take care of those planes?

I don't want to breathe in whatever is falling to the earth from those fake "clouds." Have you ever seen a rainbow on a clear day? It is because of those fake ass "clouds" falling down to the earth.

No, it is not contrails. Those are completely different and they only form at very high altitudes.

Somebody get that shit to stop! I and we are being poisoned on a massive scale. It is killing the insect life, along with the plant life, along with the animal life, and along with humans life.

Maybe I'm the crazy one for pointing this out? I got news for you. I am not the only "crazy" one that can see the difference between fake ass "clouds" and the real thing.

(My proof of FAKE ASS "CLOUDS")


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