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I wish I could attend a monkey’s wedding. Do they even have weddings? Isn’t this a human thing? Does anyone really care who is having a wedding as long as there are free alcohol and food available?

Maybe you will take pictures and show me what it is like to be at a monkey’s wedding. Will there be food thrown about the place? - A food fight can be fun. - Will there be grooming sections? (Would you pick out the insects found in their hair? I think I’ll skip this part, but I would love to be touched.)

Who is going to pay for a monkey’s wedding?

I’m reaching here. It has been kind of a rough few days, seeing how no one has invited me to a monkey’s wedding.



Day 215: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday - Prompt: Monkey's wedding

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If I ever hear about a monkey's wedding, I will insure you an invite!


Invitation accepted. 🤪

Does anyone really care who is having a wedding as long as there are free alcohol and food available?

Good point!!!!

I want to invite you to my monkey's wedding! err my monkey's uncle said you can come! lol


I’ll bring some bananas, Forest Gump style. 🤪

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I am so sorry that nobody invited you to a monkey's wedding yet!!!


As of writing this, there are two or three people that now have me on a list. 🤣