What a thing to come home to!!!

So much for a night ending well.

Wow that was quite a trip! Also, a beautiful picture - it took me a bit to realize it's fruit lol
Love what you did with yesterday's prompt ;)

I'm in charge of delivering the prompt for today, so here you go -

Fire up that keyboard!

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After reading part 3, I had to come back and read parts one and 2. I am dying to know what is eating at Vick; what his secret is. I am loving this and hope it continues. : )

Thanks for the encouragement.

Thanks for letting me know about your continuation! Seems like all of that secret keeping has caught up to Vick.
Side note: you just had to make the carpet white, didn't you? ;)

You’re welcome.

Yep! White. I haven’t figured out if those parents were mad about that or not.