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There was this year I slept at a church in front of the entryway at the top of the steps. I was tired of walking up into the hills night after night. I was drained from being out all day, no less than twelve hours, working as a street performer. My feet always hurt because of the heels forcing most of my weight onto my poor toes.

I was convinced by a con artist I should stay homeless because all my money was going to go into buying film equipment like cameras and such. So, I stayed outside, homeless and isolated from people.

In the morning time, I’d be awakened by security who worked for the church telling me it was time to pack up and head out..

A few times I slept up at the Hollywood Bowl. Way up in the parking lot, buses were parked for the night. It was always easy to enter them because the doors were always open. I slept in the very back next to the exit.

I took a couple of the women I’d met on the street up to this spot. Fun times!

One night I was awakened by a cop’s flashlight. They told me to leave. They were looking for someone who wasn’t dressed as a pirate. A few kids had been shooting up there, the cops heard about, and shut the bus sleeping option down once someone got stabbed.



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Day 195: 5 Minute Freewrite: Wednesday - Prompt: the entryway

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  2. Bittersweet
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  5. Nail
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Weekend Free Write:

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wow. I resonated with your write up because I was once homeless before. the feeling of being unwanted can be damaging enough to one's psyche.


Being homeless wasn’t the worst part. Buying a pipe dream was. O ly if I were giving my money to an honest person ...

Where were you homeless? I’m in L.A. living as such again for the second time in my life, but you won’t guess it unless I were to say it.


I was an African immigrant student studying in turkey at that time, my dad passed away back home and I was forced to fend for myself... I send you my best wishes my friend. you don't really know what people pass through until you start to talk to them. I also am self-determined to a fault, I would rather fight my own way tooth and nail and keep my issues to myself than to make a public cry for help. Self-determination does comes with it own struggles and triumph.

But the taste of sweet triumph is what keeps us going. keep hanging in there, friend, better days are coming.



Be sure to ask for help sometimes. We can’t do it all alone.


True words :-)