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Dude, this has got to be the last time you are going to treat me like that. I don’t like being yelled at for things you already know. All I was saying is that I can add some information you are missing.

Dude, nothing is working at the moment. I should be the hottest thing there ever was to hit the steemit scene and yet, I’m swimming with plankton. Sure, we all start out small. But I want it all now. Why should I have to do all of that hard work I see other people doing? I’m different. I’m a genius.

Dude, I realize I’m being egotistical. Who the hell cares?

We sit on the side of the bank, this dude and I. We are watching the ducks. He tells me of his wife and what she had to do to get away from him. He wasn’t the kindest man in the early days of his life.

I knew this dude, Red, who sat on a park bench and drank bottles of vodka.



5 minute freewrite

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hahaha - poor genius - have to swim with the rest of the small fish 😉


I know, right! And here I was thinking I’d jump right into the 36th Chamber. Reality can be rough.

Dude, hard work can be such a drag. 😂 Great job with your first freewrite and welcome to our zoo! The natives are friendly and, mostly, housebroken. 😉

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Thanks for the warm welcome. Yes, hard work is hard. 🤪 However, I don’t mind it so much here because I like writing and I may get something for my troubles.