I like @tipu!
I need to get with the program and employ (bots?) like this!

Aha - here's a compelling point:

if you want to sell the STEEM locked by powering up, you need to power down - and this takes 3 months.

The tokens on the other hand can be traded instantly on the steem-engine market. This is where I see the main value of the TPU tokens - hold to receive share in the profits, sell whenever you want.
Announcing TPU - @tipU Tokens : Sharing Profit Tokens Backed By STEEM POWER

Be sure to click on that link because I took time to hyperlink it here. :)

*But I haven't found ways to add emojis because I'm on an old Lenova laptop. So, yeah. There's that.)

Sending Tips

Tips are small amounts of SBD or STEEM that are send to other steem users. Sending a tip is a great way to reward a steem author, especially if your upvote is very small.

Tips also have other advantages:
--they are delivered instantly, no need to wait 7 days for payout
--they are send in liquid SBD/STEEM which means that no part is locked in STEEM POWER
they don't drain your voting power
Let's say you found a really helpful post and want to reward the author with a tip. To do this, simple replay to the post and put anywhere in the comment a !tip word. This will tell @tipU to send the tip to the post author.
The tip - in this example 0.1 SBD - will be sent almost instantly. @tipU automatically adds a comment about the tip.

The cool thing is that the comment will feature one of your latest posts so you can use this feature to advertise your blog.

That is cool!!! THANK YOU for this service - must sign on!

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