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Yuck, who wants to deal with dirty dishes. I think it’s the worst chore ever. But thanks to a helpful steemit friend, my life has gotten easier.


I live off-grid with no running water or plumbing. So simple daily chores like doing the dishes is a bit more of a process for me. Heating water takes time and energy, neither of which I look forward to dedicating towards dishes.

In steps a brilliant idea - It was suggested that I use a 5 gallon camp shower bag to heat my hot water. Shower Bag This was such a simple suggestion that I probably would never in two lifetimes have thought of it. I can’t tell you the ease of this. Of course winter will present its own challenges but until then, this shower bag idea is rocking my world.

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Take that dirty dishes! Hot water and it didn’t take any fuel or time to create it. Life's all about the upgrades!!


Keep the shower bag in a mini greenhouse during the winter.

You can likely fashion your own out of a simple wire frame and some plastic and being lightweight enough it can hang right along with the shower bag.

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I'm surprised how hot water can get when it's so cold outside. What a win for science, yay.

That's such a great idea. Solar energy for the win!

For winter I have seen camping hot water devices like this one that use propane. (I am not in any way affiliated with this company and have not used this product. Do your own research.)

Thanks for the link. There are several propane options I have seen. I guess, I'm just stubborn and feel like I should be able to do everything on my own. The older I get, the harder "it" gets, so I might break down and explore these propane options again.

This is great!!!! We have events in our community garden and I just washed a bunch of dishes in cold water yesterday :) We are getting one of those!! brilliant!!!

You can thank @Aunt-Deb for that stoke of brilliance.

I will! Going to check her out :)

One of the best inventions, ever. So glad this 'hack' is working out so well!

You're right, though, winter will pose a challenge. Do you have a south-facing window inside? Maybe it's own cold-frame type box? Just spit-balling ideas...

All my windows face south (I live in a berm house), so I've got that going for me. I swear this idea has been a game changer for me.

Awesome! Maybe that will be enough to keep it usable through the cold months.

When hot water on demand is the norm, having to figure out alternatives when it's not there is more of a chore than people think.

It's amazing what happens when you strip someone of their daily conveniences. They flip out! Don't get me wrong, I like them too and hope to keep upgrading my systems so that they are more convenient as well. But I like the fact that I can make it, do it without. I think it gives me confidence to face other obstacles with a can do attitude.

They do indeed flip out! It would be funny if it wasn't sad on some level. Finding a reasonable balance is the challenge. You're doing a great job of exploring what options are workable and which ones have less 'return on investment'.

And your prompt. I got so excited about the water, I forgot to copy it in my reply :) https://steemit.com/freewrite/@mariannewest/day-17-the-weekend-freewrite-the-first-sentence

Great idea..we used them years ago while wilderness camping and I just ordered one to put in with my emergency supplies.

I'm glad I ordered the ones I have now. The price just keeps going up. I started buying them when they were $5.