Fries For Breakfast

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I am writing this roughly on an app I rarely get to use as time to draft thoughts is becoming more limited. I just discovered Skip Marley's new hit 'Can't take it from me' thanks to Major Lazer and it's currently keeping my ears busy. It has a good beat...

It's a cold morning and I just had fries for breakfast. This is among the major things that I am seeing change in my life. Why I term it as major is because for more than thirty years, I have always taken Kenyan tea (a blend of water, tea and milk - sugarless for me though most folks add sugar) for breakfast and sometimes porridge.

I recently discovered that I prefer black tea over the Kenyan version or juice. Milk I can only take in limited doses now and it has to be room temperature for consumption. People change a lot and I am changing and I can feel it. It's this confusing journey that is somehow attached to my looking for self in depth.

Forgive my bulging in like that... How's everyone? How was your week? My end is calm but busy. Tomorrow I go for Maureen for her mid-term week. Thinking of going to buy her a suprise cake since we couldn't celebrate on her birthday May 29th and I can't bake like @ruth-girl :)

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We all change one way or another, it would be unnatural to be the same person we were born. Lots of my eating habits have changed over the years too. My sweet tooth is still there though!!!! 🍨🍧🍰🥧🍫🍮

Surprise cake? I want photos! And happy , blessed and loved birthday by the way 🤗

Things are going quiet, school will be over next week, I will be unemployed this summer unless I find something new, family is fine, the doggo is crazy as always... 🤗❤️

It doesn't matter you don't bake cakes, you "bake" fantastic poetry and we like it!!

Don't I love you! The only sweet tooth addiction I have is chocolate and even that I take it very slow.

Going to check if I can find one. The cake I mean. Maureen doesn't like sugar much so it's always tricky to get the right one. Will definitely send photos 💝

I am so glad you are well. I hope summer smiles on you with an opportunity too. Hug the doggy 💖

Poetry is more of an escape but thank you ❣️

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I do believe you it's a very big change in life when you start to have fries for breakfast :D

I swear it is :D I have always been fine with sweet potatoes, arrowroots and wheat products plus now tea for a very long time!

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I don't doubt it :D

Also an even greater change would be to have fries all the time.


How is Finland? Icy? Smelling like your baked self? Do tell...

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It's so hot I'm afraid I'll melt. It's almost 30 C degrees outside and I can't handle it.I'm glad the summer is short.

Otherwise I'm doing good enough. Too hot to eat so I haven't been baking for a while...

On this end we are freezing... and with freezing I mean 15 °C. If it went below such I'd honestly rethink about my stand on marriage and shit :D

Do you mean -15 °C? ;)
I'm glad we're having temperatures of 10 - 16 °C next week, so I'll be able to enjoy life again.

What do you mean enjoy life again? What are you made of? 😨

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