The flames of hell, all in one green-eyed smile

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Tiger, tiger, in the dark, thy flames shall bring destruction to all. And in the night when the smoke rises from the buildings afar, the musinites shall bring forth their praises and tributes. Their nopsic sacrifices will be heard in the cyanic heavens and we will party together for our victory today.

The images have said the truth so many times that I can barely count the occasions. It was the first one that struck me as odd. The rest, nothing but simple circumstance. I did have so many quick days that flashed by in with a snap. But you were the only one who stayed there in the withering sand, waiting for the voice to come again, someday.

The transparent circle stood erect in the middle of the triad. With unclear politics, it did not know and did not care at all, for it was in an unmovable situation. But once the table tipped, it would fall together with its whole foundation and shatter to smithereens on the ground.

And you were the only one who could perceive this as we spoke in low hushes. I smiled, you trembled, our hands combined into a transic wall that covered every tiny bit of context. I knew then that it was magical, that the air would vibrate and ashes would be brought by the frantic, grateful souls. It was no wonder they perished. Green eyes looked at them from the dark depths of the forest.

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Very poetic writing you have here!

Also, today I am here in a rush of spastic, distracted thoughts to deliver Today’s Daily Prompt for the freewrite. Feel free to join us if you have the time and thank you for joining us today! It is such an awesome community to be a part of and now we have a new page with contests, new challenges and even more community:

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I have already participated in this one. You can check it out as it is my most recent post. Do you know of similar activities to this freewrite? Five minutes is not enough to quench the spirits.

You can check out @moneyinfant as he posts a variety of writing contests and there are so many to choose from! I always go visit his blog when I need inspiration!

Also, be sure to check out the three part freewrites on Saturdays done by @mariannewest It is a slightly different challenge and really works your brain!