Freewrite: Awful boss.

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!Hello friends! This is my entry to respond to FreeWrite's motivating challenge of the daily challenge of @mariannewest.


Once I worked away from home and it was many years ago and my boss was a great person.
Then there are daughters born and I became a housewife, now that my daughters grew up I am my own boss in this job called steemit, I put my own schedules, my own rules, so I don't know what a horrible boss is.
For things like that, I feel like a lucky woman, because a horrible boss makes your life stop shining ... Working is something that does not always please us, we must do it for pay, imagine having to work in unpleasant conditions, it is not something encouraging.
We who work with cryptocurrencies can afford to have the best boss in the world... We, yourself, are your own boss, so love yourself and occasionally flatter and value what you do.

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