Symbiotic machines - 5 minutes of writing

in #freewrite2 years ago



Deaths continue to rise, the killer machines are here to stay on this island surrounded by polluted water, as I slowly take what little water is left and think about how to combat those hybrid machines that look like symbiotic organisms, which benefit from each other to rule planets. and steal all the resources.

Only at night I go out to look for traces of lives and what I see around me is death, I go into a house to stock up on water and some food, but I hear a voice asking for help and it is a girl who is horrified by everything what he lived described to me from head to toe the form of machines full of organisms that suck the brains of the dead with their arms.

These beings are cruel and savage that they murder without contemplation, they eliminate the life of the planets where they arrive and consume all the resources. With the description that the girl gave me, I am analyzing how to obtain their weak point to disintegrate their union and be able to kill them ...

It will continue.

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