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The child was yelling. It's just very hard being a child, a part of the child's brain thought, and it was verbalized in yelling. You can't do everything for yourself, people have so many expectations of you, you have no real power. You can't just eat whatever you want, drink whatever you want, do whatever you want. The other people around always have something to say about everything, and they don't always play with you when you want or leave you alone when you don't want. It's very hard. And I don't know how to write yet. So out I yell.



Old faloomp flelling.

Quelling. Quelling is like the opposite of yelling, isn't it? To quiet. To calm.

Yelling. Belling. Balloonyelling. Grelling. Cooking some meat up on the bbq: grelling.

Telling. Telling a story. Making up a story. Storytelling, not yelling. Stortyelling. Storkyelling. Storkeling. Bada bada bada boom. Back spot. Feeling. Felling. Felling. Felling trees. Natty Gann.

Yelling. Yelling. My dad didn't yell much so when he did yell it was really scary. At least that one time I can remember. But is it better to yell a lot?

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