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Climbing rose. But also my butt is sore. I pushed a stroller full of a toddler up a hill yesterday and today I've been sitting a lot because I haven't been feeling well, and all in all, my butt is sore. I am looking forward to bed. But it's been a productive day.

Climbing rose. Roses around here are in wonderful scentfull bloom right now. We should plan a trip to the rose garden outside the Science Center. Climbing rose--is that a particular variety of rose that climbs like a bean plant? I suppose I've seen roses growing on trellises...but mostly I'm more familiar with a singular rose bush. I almost just spelled that "boosh." I also almost just wrote "smelled that" instead of "spelled that."

When I was a teenager and my grandpa still lived with us, he got it in mind that he wanted to plant rose bushes at our home. He had tended roses throughout my mom's childhood. So she and my dad took him to a Home Depot or something like that and he bought a bunch of rose bushes and rose care stuff. But it was shortly before he went kind of manic and moved out. He had bipolar and didn't exactly leave on good terms. I don't know what the exact impetus was. But I think my mom thought the roses were maybe the beginning of the manic phase. Now I'm just waiting for the clock to run out, you know? It's close. So close. Almost there.

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