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I do love to walk in the morning, especially on hot days when the coolness of the previous night is still in the air and the sun has not burned it away. I almost, almost miss it when Lochlan would wake up at 5am and some of our first walks were very early indeed. But sleep is better. Maybe someday that will be my sleep schedule: 9pm to 5am. I can imagine liking it. As it is, now, sometimes Lochlan is not in bed until 7:30 or 8pm, and that is our only time to watch something together, or watch something apart, but basically just veg. Or it's the time we play games with friends, or have work meetings. And those things are just not easy to wrap by 9pm. But someday, in my older bird-watching days, that would be fine. I'll still play games with friends, but I won't be beholden to a toddler's sleep schedule. 5am will be a good time to get up and see birds. 9pm will be a good time for sleep. Sleep is good. Last night my mind did not feel as tired as usual, but I quickly got there. There were just more thoughts that needed slowing down and jumbling around. That's how I know I'm falling asleep on nights my mind is busy. I stop being able to trace the path of my thoughts. I realize a few times that my thoughts are no longer making sense, and then I stop realizing anything and am asleep.

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