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There is Hope. There she goes. Walking down the sidewalk to get her morning Starbucks. Every day, Monday through Friday, at 7:30am, she walks out of her apartment building and two blocks down to the Starbucks and gets a drink. She carries it home. Never sits in the Starbucks. Saturdays and Sundays, no Starbucks. What's she do those days? I never even notice her leave her apartment on those days. Well, I can't watch her apartment door every single hour of every single day, but I'm sitting out here on my balcony often enough, even on Saturdays and Sundays, that I think I would have noticed if Hope went to Starbucks at a different time on those days. So instead, I think she must actually leave her apartment on those days, like with her car, so she exits out a different door. The garage door. I can't see the garage door from my vantage point. So that's what I think Hope does. I think she just gets out of town. Or maybe she has a favorite little coffee shop that's independently owned. Maybe she feels guilty for going to Starbucks Monday through Friday, so she supports the independent café on the weekends. I hope it's that, and not that she just doesn't leave her apartment on the weekends. But maybe she likes that. Maybe on Friday night after work she pulls on her headphones and gets into gamer mode and games well into the wee hours of Saturday morning, then sleeps the day away, then does it again Saturday night into Sunday morning, then sleeps all the way until Monday morning Starbucks time.

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