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Feedback. Noise from a mic that hurts everyone's ears. Feedback. Information about how you did or how you're doing, from a performance standpoint (like job performance). Or, as I'm thinking of it right now, notes from a denied grant application from the grant reviewer. That is some feedback I just requested after getting the email that the org I work for was denied this $5k grant. It was one of the first grant applications that I put together for the org. So it's disappointing.

Feedback. Weedback. I've been thinking about drug cartels lately because I'm watching Ozark, and I had watched Queen of the South not long before I started watching Ozark. And I just wonder if drug cartels in real life are anything like drug cartels on TV. I think we should legalize all drugs. Then we could do away with the FBI. Abolish the police!

Feedback. Getting distracted by marks on the screen. Thinking about how this isn't really the freewrite I want to be writing. I am not super enjoying it. I like the ones that wind up as stories. I like the ones that actually make me feel like I'm exploring some thoughts or feelings that I've got on my mind. Well. I guess I have had drug cartels on my mind, so now it's out here in this land, so it doesn't need to live so large in my mind anymore. Maybe I've got more space in my mind for something else now.

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