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Debate. Debate. De bait. The bait. I got the bait. It's chapstick. Chapstick is how you get all the younger middle-aged women out to the field. Come for the free chapstick, stay for the kickball, that's what I always say. That's what I said on my ad, dontchaknow.

I just heard about how someone was kicked off of Tindr (Tinder? I'm married, what do I know? Hyuck) for using it to recruit people to her kickball team. Apparently she got upwards of 40 people for her team. Isn't that too many for a kickball team? I've never played. I suppose, like anything you do with adults, you better have backup people in case someone flakes. Someone always flakes. So yeah.

There was another thing on the radio (I was listening to Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me) about how someone plagiarized her first book, then wrote an apology for plagiarizing her first book, but plagiarized her apology! That's something. I should read the actual story because I love to read about those levels of ridiculousness. And isn't it amazing what some people are willing to try and get away with? Fortune favors the bold. I'm not exactly bold. And not exactly with fortune! Haha.

Big sigh. But it's true. Well I have all the wonderful fortunes that we're told to be thankful for. And rightfully so...but one can want financial security, too.

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