5-minute freewrite Day 843 prompt: itchy neck

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How many gallons of calomine lotion does it take to soothe a giraffe's itchy neck? How much benadryl must an elephant take to clear up a stuffy nose? Does a roadrunner every develop athlete's foot? Can an ostrich get a sore throat? Do centipedes ever get bunions, maybe dozens of them? Now that I have run out of weird questions to ask, how am I going to use up the remaining two minutes of freewriting time?

In case you didn't know, it's hard to take a nap in a room with a skylight. I keep wanting to turn off the light, and then realize I can't do anything about it. There's a skylight in the bathroom, too, and I keep trying to turn off the light when I leave the room, out of habit, only I can't turn that off, either. But it's nice to have a skylight in a room that otherwise has no windows whatsoever. I am visiting my sister in Arizona, so that's why I'm grumbling about windowless rooms with skylights. Folks down here don't seem fond of windows. I suppose in the summer it's nice not to have many of them to let all that heat in. And if you want to read about my trip adventures, check my page. (Shameless plug, I know!)

Whew! Time's up!

Thanks to @mariannewest for the daily freewrite prompt!


Somehow the first paragraph reminds me of a song:

You are cordially invited to turn my rambling freewrite into a song and make lots of money off it.

It was a good read! Loved the centipede with bunions bit, all of those were very funny. And I know the problem when five minutes seems to take forever to wind down. It's even worse if you're using the most dangerous writing app.

I'm here to deliver the Tuesday prompt so please write us another!


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