5-minute freewrite Day 838 prompt: virus


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What a great time of year for this prompt! Seems as if half the people in our area are plagued with one virus or another right now. My youngest daughter got sick on Thursday, granddaughter on Friday, son on Saturday, son-in-law on Sunday. That represents three different households, so they may not even have the same virus. Last time I went to Walmart, I purposely avoided aisles where people were sneezing. It's tempting to just hole up at home and never go out in public, but then other family members have to go out in public and can just as well bring the virus home, so I figure I might as well avoid cabin fever and go do things. We got about 2" of fresh snow in the past 36 hours, but it's supposed to warm up now. We'll see if the forecasters got it right this time. They often don't, despite all the modern technology. Maybe we were all better off relying on Grandma's aching knees to let us know of an upcoming change in the weather. I saw a picture of a young Bighorn sheep on the computer today, and the photographer said it was already shedding its winter coat, which would indicate an early spring on its way. I wouldn't mind that at all! I am enjoying the extra hour of afternoon light we've gained in the past month, and am looking forward to even more.

Thanks once again to @mariannewest for the daily freewrite prompt!


Sheeps are shedding and Jeff said Geese are returning. That's an early spring for sure. My body aches, too! Have a good day and keep well!

HaHa! My grandmother was the best weather forecaster with all of her aches and pains right before bad weather. Now I am that grandmother! That is interesting info about the sheep. Groundhog Phil did not see his shadow the other day which also means an early spring. We can hope they are both right. : )

I don't have much faith in the groundhog back east, but I'm hoping the bighorn sheep here in the west are on the right track.

Yup, it is just folklore but so many do believe in it. If the sheep are right, I might start to believe them. LOL!

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Yikes -- I hope spring doesn't come too early ...I haven't done my winter apple tree trim yet!

We should have planted apple trees when we first moved here, 21 years ago. We didn't think we'd be here very long, so we didn't do it. What variety do you have?

Red delicious ... although, because we don't wax ours, they are a pretty mottled red with yellow, most years...

It's tempting to just hole up at home and never go out in public, but then other family members have to go out... ah. Good point. But if my husband is already out, I often call on him to pick up a few grocery items, rather than have me burn fossil fuels to drive into town. He's already in town. God bless him, he comes through every time. I'm a recluse. Rarely do I leave the premises. Is this a bad thing? I figure the world is a safer place if I'm not on the road or inflicting myself on the society of others. The buck stops here, and the doe, and even the virus! (How long can a virus stay alive on a door knob, anyway??)

That gave me a good chuckle! Unfortunately, most of the errands to be done are 20-30 miles away, and my husband is retired, so the buck stays here and the doe has to get out and do things.

WE have not had a single week when I could be sure there would be no ticks in my garden, so I haven't done any winter work at all. My daughter and I both got the same virus, exactly the same. I;m elderly and she has an autoimmune disease, yet both of us recovered easily. I'm with you - if you don't worry about it you're less likely to suffer from it. Nice freewrite.