5-minute freewrite Day 754 prompt: Lentil Soup

in freewrite •  2 months ago 

What a timely prompt for today! I made chicken soup for supper, and threw in some lentils, so I guess that makes it chicken lentil soup. It's that time of year when hot soup feels really good in the tummy. My first attempts at making soup without a recipe, years ago, didn't work out very well, so I lost confidence. But, with practice, I'm getting better at it. I used about 8 cups of water to cook two chicken breasts. Then, while the breasts cooled, I sauteed some onion and garlic, chopped up celery and carrots and potatoes, and put all of that into the water in which the chicken had cooked. I also added some chicken-flavored broth powder and some vegetable broth powder, seasoned salt, pepper, and marjoram. My husband diced up the chicken and we added it back in along with the lentils, which were an afterthought. It was very tasty! I made dairy-free drop biscuits for the family member with the dairy allergy, and used up some buttermilk biscuit mix for the rest of us. It has been stored for a long time, and is allegedly good for a lot longer time, but I don't care for the taste of it. It has a bitter aftertaste that disagrees with me. I think I'll let my husband finish those up, since he doesn't seem to mind.

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Your soup sounds scrumptious. I need to become more ambitious about cooking... But Jeff is super ambitious abouy it so I seldom even have to think about it lol.

That sounds like a good arrangement to me!