What is right and what is not

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Weekend freewrite

Timer set
Five minutes for first prompt

I decided to watch my neighbor all the time. Dog poop on the lawn means that I need to teach him a lesson.

He is a sour type of person. The sadist. Why would he do something like this to others who don't even bother him. I decided that I would try to talk other neighbors also into complaining about him to our local governing body. They would warn him alright and hopefully, he would not repeat it again. I too have pets but it does not mean that I will behave like him. The nerve.

I sat thinking and gulped my coffee without enjoying it. I usually sip slowly.
Of course, I am very upset.

On to the second prompt

Timer set

Congratulations for ranking in the top 20. Your reward is...

The announcement made through the mic woke me up from my reverie. It was the annual day celebrations of our housing colony. All the residents had assembled in the common hall for the meeting where prizes were distributed to the meritorious students of the academic year.
I locked my door and walked hurriedly towards the hall. I wanted to be there to clap for the children. They would certainly search for me and want to show me the prizes they all got. I adored them and they loved me. I reached there just in time to see the children lining up to receive their prizes. I clapped a lot. The happy smiles and cheering removed the bit of anger that had risen in me.

Sooner said than done. He was smiling crookedly at me. I tried to avoid his gaze and moved off.

The third prompt

Timer set

the trumpet was loud

and I could not speak properly to my neighbors who were present there. They were trying hard to hear me out but the sound from the music system was just too much. I signaled them to come outside and they followed me. His face turned pale as he saw the crowd following me which included his house owner as well.

I appraised them of the situation and the house owner told us all that he would warn the fellow and if he did not listen, would be given notice to vacate. I was relieved and thanked him. It was now my turn to smile at him, jubilantly.

I hope you liked the story I made from the three prompts.
I sincerely thank @mariannewest for her untiring efforts in posting the freewrites despite all her busy schedules.

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You made the weekend freewrite look like a piece of cake. I like your story. It felt like one was clinging to the other, no force😁


Thank you dear. That is really motivating.

This is a good example for me. I was thinking on doing it.
I enjoyed your story.


thanks dear


You are welcome :)

Nicely brought together!!! the three prompts can be hard to fit in!!


Thanks a lot dear

They all fit in great
You did a good job and I bet this is something that has happened many times in the Real World :)

I have come with the next Prompt and once you are done, do go check the @FreeWriteHouse