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This is what the stronger ones do with weaker ones to get to the top. Well, money is everything in this materialistic world where your worth is measured by your financial statements. Humanity are just some words that are used to get attention. People do anything to earn money. While some find honest ways to earn it, some take the unauthorised route and yet become rich and famous.
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When i talk about frauds, the first thing that pops in my mind is the name of my second cousin. He is quite elder to me. He was jobless for a while and one fine day he showed up at his parents home with a girl and claimed that he had married her. Since he had already married, his parents accepted the girl and their union was celebrated with a grand party. Everything was going great until the couple stated a new business that offered investors 30% interest on their investment every month.

This was one lucrative offer that was hard to ignore. people invested small amounts and got the returns as promised making them pitch higher on this plan. People got their friends and invested larger amounts. This vicious chain grew rapidly until the total amount invested by people reached a few crores. People kept waiting for their returns, but the couple were no where around. It was a planned scam and they had fled the city.

Cases were booked against them. The list of investors ranged from the rich businessmen to poor labourers who had invested in the hope to make a better living. Cops tried finding them but the family assured the cops that they had no clue. This led to another cousin committing suicide because he had invested a good part of his life into this.

As per inside news the couple is currently put up in Singapore, but there is no concrete proof of the same. Sadly, the people have stopped expecting that the would get back the amount. This is not the only scam, there are many such scams that keep running around us and many people fall prey to it in hope of making their lives better. It is time we understand that there is no shortcut to success. Money earned the hard way is sweetest.


very good post.how are you sisi.

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