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Two people cannot be the same even if they are born to same set of parents. Me and my brother are extreme opposites and so are my sons. Both have their own tastes, behaviour and attitude. When I was married, I was too young and didn't think about how different my husband would be from me. We got married without asking each other our likings and reality hit us hard. Me and my husband are poles apart.
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While I am more of a fun loving person, he is the reserved 'be at home' guy. We both are never on the same page. Initially it was difficult because we would never understand each other. We would fight a lot and eventually we figured out on how to agree. Fights are less, but there are still issues with agreement.

I have friends who have married for love after dating for several years and they tell me that their relationship is no different. One gets to know the person only when they stay together.


Not only do you find out about the differences after you're married but you also find out that -- even if the two of you were closer to being the same earlier in the marriage -- both of you are still growing as you go through life.

Therefore, you might find that you're a different person than you once were who is married to a person who is different than he or she was at the time of the marriage.

Someone, for example, might marry a Republican and end up being married to a Democrat 25 years later -- and it would be the same person you'd married.

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