My friend had a better mother !

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I was not an ideal child and did mistakes that compelled my mother to use the cane. Though I understand my mistakes now, it was not the same back then. I was rebellious and always thought that my mum was bad. She tried a lot to get me on track and it took her a while to do so reasons, my naughtiness or raging harmones.
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I remember, I was so awesome struck by a friend's mother that I hated my mother. I just wanted my friends mother to be my mother. She was perfect for me (or so I thought). I always told my friend that how lucky she was to have such an awesome mother and she always said to me that 'it just appears so'. Grass is always greener on the other side, rightly said. Her mom was pretty and was obsessed to look good. She spent more time on her beauty and just appeared to be good when outside home.

I was guilty for my thinking when I realised my mistake, but felt relieved when my son told me that his friends mother is better than me 😂. I realised that it is child psychology and every child feels so at some point of time. I smartly told my son that I would request his friends mum to exchange kids with me and my son went bonkers. I could see the fear on his face. His expressions were priceless. ❤️

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Hahahahaha. Thts fun. Yeah its psychological matter

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