Good over bad

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The world celebrated the birth of krishna. If all the virtues like strength, love, happiness and selflessness have to be compressed together into one word then it would surely be 'Krishna'. The mischievous lad who had the eyes that could spread love would not be celebrated if his father had wanted him to be close by. His uncle Kans was after his life and that made his parents let him go away from them for a better future.
Krishna with his love grew up in a new home and turned out to be everyones favourite. We have all heard endless stories of this mischievous lord all through our childhood. Krishna is within us all and probably thats the reason that we all have that one picture of us dressed in those shiny clothes with a peacock feather on the crown.

Thanks to the worldly desires like money, power and reputation we take up the path of 'adharma' and that's when the bad supresses the Krishna in us. Krishna who believed in the powers of dharma has always taught that what is not achieved by dharma is not permanent. Adharma is temporary and would die an untimely death.

Today on this auspicious occassion of lord Krishna's birthday let us all vouch that we would walk on the path of dharma and be the noble souls to make this world a better place to live in.


That's a noble cause that we should all make it our priority to strive for making it happen, and there are so many ways to do this. We need to keep ourselves open to opportunities to make life better instead of worse.

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