5 Minute Freewrite: Slugs Not On My Menu

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Five Minute Freewrite. Word for today is slug.

Not the prettiest little creatures to write about. When I see the word slug I think of a snail without the shell.

I don’t like wriggly wormy looking insects or whatever these creepy crawlers are called but somehow with the cute antennas on their head they don’t look so icky.

Often in the morning there will be slugs on the lawn in the dewy grass. I don’t mind them as they do have a position in our ecosystem.

What do slugs do besides sleep all day and eat the leaves of plants? I don’t know but they are fat and juicy ...and squishy if you mistakenly step on one. They would make a good sized meal for a bird.

Some snails and such creatures may be a delicacy but something I don’t want to eat!

...end of freewrite

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Haha. you’ve got it covered. I’ll have to see what I come up with.

I still remember in Science class when they put salt on the poor little guys. Bad teacher!

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That wasn’t nice to do to them.
There used to be a small bloodsucker ( looked like a slug) that would attach itself to a swimmers leg in a lake I swam in as a youngster. I never got one on me but it was said putting salt on the sucker would make it drop off. Otherwise you would have to wait until it was full of blood and then it would drop off itself.
Bloodletting this way was also used by doctors eons ago. I don’t think the blood suckers hurt when on you.
Haha...better stop or writing another post. 😂

They are pretty gross, aren't they? They show up and eat holes in my hosta leaves-nasty things! Nicely written!


Thanks Melinda! The slugs like nice healthy leaves to munch on. 😊


Some years more than others! I wonder what kind of weather is good for a prolific slug population!


I think they like the heavy dew we’re have here on the Island in the morniing.


You are probably right. I get heavy dews down here by the river, too.

Howdy again redheadpei! I don't like those things, they're creepy. lol. They are good bird food though!