Day 211: 5 Minute Freewrite: Friday - Prompt: swing

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THis is entry for day 211 of the freewrite from the #freewrite house.
Into the dark many plummet but out of the dark i swing.
I keep complaining that my life is not the way its meant to be but on sick beds many swing to their death.
Gratitude i tell you is the key to swinging from bad to good.
And dont forget asking forgiveness and giving forgiveness is also a key swinger.
I was in the hospital taking care of my fathrr and he stood to urinate. He moved in a swing and almost fell.
With the state of his health, any fall and he would swing to the land of the dead.
Its easy to swing away from life even if you have the best security in the world.
Swinging to the land of the dead is fast and easy.
So advise, do all the good you can now. So that when you are swinging away from life, it would be a smooth swing for you and you shall lie in the bosom of your creator.
Swing we must, as swing we shall.
Swing in my context refers to moving from one state to another.

Thqnk you.

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This is a very creative interpretation of the prompt and filled with nuggets of truth. Thank you for sharing!


rthank you very much. A good eye that sees words for what they are is truly and wonderfully appreciated.


Truly my pleasure!

  ·  last year (edited)

Yes maam. Thank you for the nomination to be featured. Gave me more boost to continue as i was worried my works donot get much attention.
But now i fret not. For @freewrite has seen my work, the world hasseen my work. the universe tells me @curie is coming.
Thank you once again for stopping by

Your poem got featured in this week's Freewrite House Poetry Digest


thak you so much. I am humbled