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Hi Freewriters! It's been awhile since my last freewrite to join @mariannewest's dailies.


Just like my other entries, my five minute freewrite was handwritten.

The fairytale that we all girls loved would tell us about princess and how, despite their poor situation, be a happy ever after. We know that for each story there will always be a “kontrabida”, a villain, a witch.

Yes, the WITCH would usually be pictured as a lady in black dress, ugly, and rides brooms (or broomsticks).

But since we don’t live in fairytales, that wouldn’t get us rid of WITCHES!

Modern witches still do exist. They maybe dressed in pretty corporate suits and wear (wears) high heels. They may also be having well manicured fingernails and would sometimes (aren’t) not well manicured as they fail to go to the salon to paint them in fancy shades of green.

They make(makes) us feel we aren’t accomplishing enough as the witches only see themselves as CAPABLE and good.

She would never accept failure... (She) is very proud. She makes our life difficult...but please, don’t feel bad, and remember that we are the princesses and we will LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

**Thanks for reading, keep writing, everyone!



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Great story. I did the witch version as well.

I think i know this witch. Hehe. She’s like the evil step mother. 😁

Hahaha i can't say anything more ...

a modern witch it is
in any corporation there will always be one
you'll find 'em everywhere

I suppose so.... ii hope they'll pity themselves and aspire to be the fairy godmother

Hmmm I think we all need to tell the witch in our life where she can stick it ;)
Here's the latest prompt:

The witch is proud... if you become honest, she'll hurt u even more :)

yun sulat kamay ang nagdala eh...:)

Hehe therapy ko yun pagsusulat :)

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