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The below was written to join the 5-minute freewriting initiated by @mariannewest.

After knowing the prompt, I used my note8 to write down my article by hand:

Afterso, I love to transcibe it down and here it is


I love paper and pens!

Stationeries were part of my obssession even when I was still a little girl. As an adult, we will reach it to a point that we need to make both ends meet.

My current work pays off once a month and labor law in the country where I work doesn't allow more than one jon. So what you earn from your employer needs to be enough for the whole month.

And so when you need to go to the supermarket, you need to bring a GROCERY LIST.

But... but... but...
Most of the time I wouln't end up following it... more of an impulse buying or maybe I can say free thinker... needs to decide there and then

I hope you enjoyed reading!



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That was a marvelous Freewrite and I loved the handwritten look! If this then is a true story, it carries the idea that you are able to skirt the law and earn an extra income using Steemit, and I think that is awesome! Stick around with these Freewrites, there will be a growing opportunity to earn greater income here in the future as we have huge plans for this group. Stay tuned, as Steemit grows, the Freewriters Group plans to grow with it. There are some exciting times ahead! 👍 😊

Thank you and to the rest of the freewriters' community.

I love that you love to write with pens!!

Yes! 😀

Thanks @mariannewest