(Invisible) 5 Minute Freewrite 2/14/2018 Lace

in freewrite •  8 months ago

output (3).jpg

Here she sits in empty space.
Wishing and wanting to be
wrapped in satin and lace.

Someone to hold. Someone to love.
Make her feel wanted, like the heavens above.

Surrounded by triumph yet to be found.
Floating above the memories of
no one she's found

Emptiness she feels on this day.
What did she do, to deserve such display?

Seeking shelter to overcome her storm
an envy of others she is sworn.

Darned fingers stopped typing and words were
still wanting to flow. Train, train, and train again.
Someday my stories will be complete, from beginning
to end (in 5 minutes.)

The photo is a silk paint design I did a few nights ago.

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So emotionally evocative. Great freewrite!

Also, today I am helping the freewriters by delivering today’s prompt: Fried Chicken


Yummm fried chicken? And thank you :-)

hugs so very, very, very many hugs

and I know you know, but doesn't make feelings like written above easier but I think and I know many others that this place would be very dull and boring without you!!


Thank you. :-) Good thing I write good creepy/scary stories. :-)

This is a beautiful poem... And so like many Valentines I have shared alone.


Thank you and yep same here. On the bright side, it saved us having to spend money on someone. :-)