5 Minute Freewrite 2/16/18 Chozzy gets his (vitamin)

in freewrite •  10 months ago

Pexel photo.

Mary calls to Chozzy and gets his attention.
"Time for your vitamin my handsome boy."
She hands him the pill and a banana afterwards.

"Oh my god. Are you serious? Now he gets vitamins?"

"Chill out Kelly! Yes he is getting them now. We want him
to stay healthy."

"Oh, I'm sure he is getting plenty of vitamins from eating
the birds!" says Kelly.

"Will you just drop the charade already. No one has any
proof he is doing anything wrong."

"Well maybe if those cameras were really working, you
would all see he is toying with you." Then he said,
"I'd love to give him some vitamin B from my boot."

Mary shakes her head and walks away to the other end
of the cage, while carrying Chozzy.

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:D your stories always make me smile....well unless they are sad.......but you get the idea :D hugs

I'm starting to like Chozzy. 😊 That picture is perfect, too. 😂

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Thank you for the prompts. Not sure if my head will be in the game to do them, but the day is early. Dealing with a screaming headache (no thanks to this bug I caught.)


Hope you feel better soon. The prompts will be here when you do. 😊

Ha! I know a few people that need

..vitamin B from my boot!

Your photo choice fits so well!

I never thought of monkeys eating birds - but anything could happen.. Good work :)


Chozzy eats whatever he feels. :-) He doesn't eat too much as he likes to share the birds with his friend Leo. :-)

"I'd love to give him some vitamin B from my boot." Great line! LOL! : )


Thanks :-)

Oh no! In the Quest for search of the missing bird the poor monkey gets the blame. Do you really think a monkey would eat a bird? :) good freewrite!


Lol, he probably doesn't eat them. But he may have taken a bite or two while carrying the bird to Leo.


Yikes :) that would be no surprise.

Poor Kelly!! Chozzy has them all wrapped around his finger.