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This is my post for #weekendfreewrite by @mariannewest

Prompt 1.....Hanna stood in the impossible night of the forest, her eyes fixed on that one spark of light...what was she looking at? Did it move? No, it is still there, she moved closer and closer until she could see it was coming from a cave. I am not going in there, Hanna said. But she could not take her eyes off the soft glow of the light, it was drawing her closer, she tried to resist but to no avail. Hanna was now at the mouth of the cave, one more step and she would be inside. Her gut said to run but she could not take her eyes off of the light it had cast its spell on her. She went inside, the light was coming from a small pond. She stood staring into the water then she saw him, her Father who had passed many years ago. Her heart yearned for him to just give her one more hug but something did not seem right, it was that gut feeling again, why? what was so wrong about wanting to see her Father? He was right there, smiling and motioning for her to join him. She loved her father and missed him so much but she could not go to him. Hanna reached her hand out to touch his face she could feel his warm soft clean-shaven face........prompt 2..... * Think that your seeds will germinate and that the plans will grow*said her father. Hanna could only wonder how he knew of her desire to have a child. She was told her eggs were no good. Drink the water Hanna, he said in his soft caring voice. Again Hanna's gut said something is not right, how can drinking pond water make her fertile? But this is not just any old pond water her father said, WHAT? how did you know what my gut was telling me, she screamed and jumped back from him as he reached for her. Come back Hanna you need to drink the water, he did not yell he said this in a voice that Hanna could not help but stop running and come back to him. Just one drink and you will have the child your heart desires. Hanna walked back to the edge of the pond, knelt down and cupped her hand she was going to take a drink. Just before reaching for the water she saw her father smile but it was not a smile of love but it looked evil.... prompt 3....this is pure joy.... said her father it is not evil, come to me, my child. My soul can not rest knowing how you long for a child, all you need to do is drink the water. Again Hanna knelt by the edge of the pond, a teardrop fell in the water making a ripple distorting her fathers face, what did she just see, it was not her father under the face but what was it? She tried tossing a stone to ripple the water but could only see his face. Again he tells her to drink the water but Hanna still feeling she is not to do it and could only wonder why this was happening. Her father reminds her of the love he has for her and tells her he only wants her to have the same with her child. This time she did not hesitate, Hanna knelt down cupped her hand and took a drink. She could feel her stomach grow, she was with child but it was growing to fast, within minutes she was holding her child she knew the love her father was talking about, then a creature's arm wrapped around her child and took it into the pond, her father and her child were gone.

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Hanna should have listened to her gut!

@deirdyweirdy yes, always trust your gut feeling.

Wow! Great horror story for the weekend prompt, @myjob. Your story kept me inthralled.

@redheadpei Thank you, that was my first time trying to write fiction and using the 3 prompts by watching the clock so I had no idea where it was going, the words just came to me as I typed. I am glad you liked it.