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This is my post for #freewrite Tuesday prompt Ideas worth spreading by @mariannewest

I have many ideas worth spreading but this is one people should take note of. Don't put your boat in the water with an approaching thunderstorm. I was rushing as fast as I could to get off the river and here are two trucks putting over. The one on the right had a dog named Ted, Ted is a smart dog. The guy parked his truck and was walking to the dock with Ted, they almost got to the dock and Ted took off, he knew not to go on the river. The guy got him back and made Ted get in the boat. The other truck put over two jet skis and two young teenage boys took off on them and the guy drove off in the truck. I stood there shaking my head at the craziness.


I ran my traps this morning, I only got 70 bait but that was enough with the ones I had in my holding pen. I fished around Mullet Creek canals and could only catch one or two trout here and there. Then I made my way to the south end and caught one on the first bait, the second bait I felt the thump, then I saw a pretty good size fin come up, he got my trout. I threw another bait and I guess that shark was not full, it cut me off. As I was putting a new leader and hook on, that big SOB jumped, I guess trying to throw the hook, DAMN, scared the crap out of me. Bull Sharks are impressive when the skyrocket. I came in at 11am because of the storm so I just iced my trout good and left them in my boat, I will weigh them up tomorrow morning. I can not fish because of a DR app.

I caught this filefish in a pigfish trap today, they feel like sandpaper.


they are thin like sandpaper, too.


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Okay, I learned something new today: I'd never heard of a file fish before. It certainly is a skinny little thing.

@scribblingramma yes they are skinny and rough feeling

Always a great read and an education!
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@deirdyweirdy thank you for the prompt and your comment on my post.

Folks are crazy to go out on the water with approaching thunderstorm.
I’ve never heard of a file fish before. ..interesting little critter.

@redheadpei filefish are unique, for being so small and thin they are thick-skinned and rough feeling

What a cute little fish. Cannot you start your own aquarium with it?

I wish I had one again but my present house is too small and my water will kill them. Who knows if the kids leave and the tiny house is all mine 😁 (doubt that will ever happen but still one can dream).


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@wakeupkitty yes I could set up an aquarium but saltwater tanks take a lot of care, years ago I had one but now I do not wish to fool with it. I use to think my kids will never leave home but now I wish they were here, it is crazy. I do miss them.

You do not see your children that frequently?
The ones who left I do not really miss, they just live somewhere else. We stay in touch with whatsapp.

The 2 youngest are still at home and it will take some more years till they are adults. 💕

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@wakeupkitty I have two that live in other states and the others live in different towns, I talk on the phone with them but with them working and me working we do not have much time to spend together.

I understand. I think if you lived in the same town your free time was limited too. I am sorry you miss them so much. I hope you will have more time for eachother soon in some way.
Do they know you miss them?

@wakeupkitty yes they know I love and miss them but they have a busy life, working, kids and husbands they do not have much free time, when they are not working they have house chores and taking kids to practice of some sort, like football or theater or baseball, they are very busy. when I do not work it seems they are working but on Mothers Day every year we go to breakfast. I know I will see them that day, We go to their houses on Christmas.

At least you have these days, rituals to look forward to. Pity for the grandchildren to have grandparents but seeing them that less.