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This is my post for #freewrite Sunday prompt glass bottle by @mariannewest

We do not bring anything in a glass bottle on the boat for an obvious reason, anything glass on a boat will break. Years ago when we night fished I had a thermos with a pump top and we had been drinking coffee out of it all night. I picked it up to move it and could hear the glass inside it was broken. We worried about how much if any glass we drank. We were fine so I guess none. From that time on everything had to be plastic or stainless.

Today I fished the islands to the north. It is a sad sight what man has done to this river, None of the islands have mullet grass around them, it really breaks my heart. You are not going to have fish if there is no habitat for them to live in. I will say no more on that subject because it depresses me.

I was idling from one island to the next and saw an old crab trap on the bottom. I have a PVC pipe with a bent nail in one end to pick up my holding pen with, so I tried to pull up the crab trap with it. I had shut my motor off but was still drifting when I hooked the trap, the trap was half buried in the bottom and it was going to pull me out of the boat so I had to let go of my pipe. I can not get to my bait pens without it so I knew I had to get it back. After several failed attempts I decided to anchor upwind and let the rope out until I was sitting right over it. I used my landing net to scoop it up with and I would get it just out of reach and it would fall out of the net. I did this several times, I did not want to go swimming for it but knew that is what it would come down to if I can not get it with the net. I tried one more time and to my delight and astonishment, I got it.

After all of that, I was done. So I headed for the place I keep my bait pens, the sky was starting to look dark. I got my used bait put away and fed when to storm hit. I do not have to go very far to the boat ramp, which was a damn good thing. The storm hit and I do not think I have ever had this boat in that rough of water, waves came over the bow and the port side of my boat, all I could do was slop through it.


On a good note, I ran my traps before fishing and got 207 bait, too bad there was nothing to catch with them. I caught 7 trout that weighed 11 pounds. My husbands day was no better he traveled 60 miles round trip for 14 trout.


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I can see why glass would be a problem to drink out of in a boat, @myjob.
Great shot...the sky look ominous. Luckily you were near the boat ramp.

@redheadpei thank you, I do not like lightning and this one produces its share.

That was another hard day of work for less.

How about joining the contest #learnandearn?
See here or @brittandjosie
You write 5-7 things you learned + what made you learn it.


@wakeupkitty yes it was, but I know for every good day we have there will be a bad one sitting around the corner. We just take it in stride.

Hello...!! :D
I can totally understand you not wanting any thing glass in your boat. A definite not. I'm so glad you made it back to shore safe ❤. The sky and clouds look like they mean serious business...😯...!!!

@annephilbrick there was too much lightning in this one. I hate lightning.