Free Write Sunday prompt Caducity

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This is my post for #freewrite Sunday prompt Caducity by @mariannewest

I was three months of turning 16 when we left the Inlet, my Dad had no idea where we would end up. He said he will know where our new home was when he found it. We traveled for three months and ended up in a very small town in Missouri. Imagine my shock coming from a place that I had a river and the ocean in walking distance to having a creek that was no deeper than my knees. When I was 17 I got married, at age 20 I was living in California from there I went to North Carolina by 24 I was back in Florida where I hope I live the rest of my life.
I have never seen the word Caducity and as it turns out it is my biggest fear. When I was young I thought I would be young forever but to find out that is not so. Old age came to me very fast, I was thirty just yesterday and today I am 63. Where did the time go? The thing I fear most about caducity is losing my sense of self, not knowing who my kids are or anyone else. I do not want to be a burden on anyone and I will do whatever it takes not to be.

Today I did not fish but ran my traps, I only got 58 pigfish (bait). I do not know if someone ran my traps or the bait moved. It looked like someone ran them but I hate saying that without proof. There were no little crabs or other types of fish in them, nothing at all. I asked my husband if any of his traps were empty and he said no they all had something in them. If someone is running them they must be selling the bait no sport fisherman would use that many bait.

I came home and took a two-hour nap, got up cleaned house then went out to my boat and gave it a good cleaning. I cleaned all the wires that go to my battery and reconnected them, I have this goo that I put on all the connections to protect from the saltwater.

For supper, I fried up onions and bell peppers with pan seared redfish. I hope by eating lots of fish will ward off caducity.

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@steemitboard thank you

I feel the same, @myjob. One day I was thirty-five and the next, seventy-five is looming around the corner. Time has slipped by so quickly.
Your supper sounds good. fish is suppose to be good for the brain.

@redheadpei I wonder why time seems to drag by until you get old, then it flys by.

I think when we’re younger we wait for new things to happen and it seems to take forever to be old enough to drive, go through school, first date, marriage, etc but now we have settled into a routine and not really experiencing anything new. Our concept of time has changed.

Another theory @myjob I think time has sped up in the world.

@redheadpei I believe your theory is true, both of them.

I never been young in this life... I wonder if this is my biggest fear... It is not.

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@wakeupkitty that is so sad.

Oh, you married very young!

@blacklux yes I did, I was pregnant and back then you got married.