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This is my post for #freewrite prompt knife by @mariannewest

This is the redfish I caught today, I am allowed to keep one a day. My Aunt and Uncle are coming down here next month so I am freezing them so they can take fish back to Alabama with them. I have the guys at the fish house clean them for me. They have the sharpest knife. Also, I have been giving them the redfish until I found out my Aunt was coming.


@fitinfun wanted to see what my traps look like


These are pigfish, my bait, they grunt and sound like a pig.


It was not a good fishing day for either of us, we each caught 9 trout. Mine weighed 13 pounds and my husbands weighed 14 pounds.


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Thank you so much for showing the traps, @myjob. That looks heavy! Are redfish good to eat? How come you do not eat them? That one looks like a beauty.

@fitinfun the traps are not heavy. Yes we eat redfish, they are very good. We get tired of eating fish and I never freeze the fish we eat. There is nothing wrong with freezing it but why do it when you can have fresh everyday.

I hope you still manage!

So you don't clean the fish yourself? I wonder what happens if you keep 2. One for you, one for your husband.

You noticed the new contest I host started last monday?

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@wakeupkitty I can clean them but the guys at the fish house don't mind doing it for me. It is against the law to keep more than one redfish, I think it is a 500 dollar fine. Am I to write for your new contest only on Mondays or can I do it any day?

You have a whole week to write. It has to be there before the payout of the post which is 7 days.

So one household 1 fish even if you both fish? 🤔

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@wakeupkitty if there is one person on the boat you can have only one redfish, if two people on the boat you can have two redfish, if three people on boat you can still only have two. the law says one redfish one person 2 redfish per more than two no matter how many people on the boat.

So your husband can have one and you can since you each have your own boat.
Thanks for explaining.
The fee is high.
Is there police checking the fish if you get back on land?


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@wakeupkitty yes if we both catch one in separate boats we can keep each keep one. Yes we have what is called Marine patrols, you never know when they are going to check you or where they will be.

As fitinfun said, the traps look heavy enough empty. I can’t imagine the weight when they’re full.
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@deirdyweirdy thank you for the prompt, the traps are not very heavy

Lucky you getting fresh fish everyday!

@melinda010100 We only eat fish a couple of times a week and I cook it a lot of different ways so we are not eating the same thing over and over.

We used to go to the family cabin on the lake in Ontario Canada for much of the summer. We caught and ate a lot of fresh fish. And prepared it many different ways. It is the best!