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This is my post for #freewrite Monday prompt White Collar by @mariannewest.

I was a weird child, I loved school but my Dad made me quit after the 9th grade, he said a woman does not need an education and I needed to stay home and help out around the house. I ended up never staying home, I started babysitting for a couple who lived down the road from us, her husband was a truck driver so I stayed with her most of the time.

At this time we lived in Missouri I always dreamed of a white-collar job because being a fisherman in Missouri was out of the question. In the late 70's I moved from my Dad's house and was living with someone in Springfield Mo. I sign up for classes to get my GED. After getting my GED I went to a trade school. I signed up for secretary type classes, I took typing, which I was not good at. I took shorthand and was pretty much ok with that and I took accounting, in school math was my favorite subject so I did really good at accounting. I graduated from the trade school but before I could get a job my Mom called and said my brother that was 2 years older than me had passed away. I came back to Florida for his funeral and only went back to Missouri to get my things, I never made use of my training for the white-collar job. Which I am thankful for that, I can not see myself being happy by sitting in an office all day.

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Interesting story! Did you dream of being a fisherman in Missouri too?

I'm here to deliver the Tuesday prompt so please write us another!

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@owasco Being a fisherman was only a dream when I lived in Fl. In Mo, I had given the idea up but daydreamed a lot about coming home, back to Fl. Every time I heard the song sitting on the dock of the bay, I would get very homesick, even sad. Thank you for the prompt.

Wow. That was a lot of schooling but I know from your writing that you are happy as a fisherwoman. I would not like a job where I am sitting all day long for sure.

What had happened to your brother?

@mariannewest This brother was on drugs and my Mother took him to the hospital for help and there was a fight with the orderlys and they beat him to death. I have lost 4 of my 5 brothers

How terrible!!! You can write several books just from your life experiences!!

@mariannewest I never thought my life was any different from anyone else's life until I started writing on here. I met a woman at the fish house then again at the boat ramp she said she wanted to write a book about me. I told her no and laughed, I do not know if she meant it or was joking then I found out from the guys at the fish house she is a reporter.

Well, you are a great writer and I think with time, you could pull from all your stories and probably publish several books. I love your writing!!! Your voice is unique and engaging. Keep on writing for sure!

@mariannewest Thank you, I wish I could see what you see. I just write about my day or my past. I am glad you and others like my writings.

You just keep writing and don't worry about it. Some day, when you feel like it, you can find someone to help you put it together. Or not. In the meantime, we love to read what you have to tell us :)

@mariannewest I will do just that, thank you.