Day 809: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday - Prompt: shawl

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This is my post for #freewrite Tuesday prompt shawl hosted by @mariannewest

My husband called the outboard mechanic this morning and talked to his wife. She said he did not want to work on a motor as old as mine, she said he was not trying to be mean but with motors as old as mine the test gauges do not always work, she said he could test something and the gauge will say it is not working and he order the part and that was not the problem. She said with an electrical part they can not return them if they are taken out of the packaging. So my husband told her he understood.

He called a friend who has a couple of Mercury 25's and he told us to come to take any parts we needed to test on my motor, we drove over there and looked at the power pacs on his motors and neither would work. So we came back home and both got on our computers looking for someone with an old motor that we could buy the part that we thought it to be. The outboard mechanics wife called and said they had a power pac that was ordered for someones motor back in 2011 and the guy never came to get it, she said she will sell it to us for 50 dollars, they cost 240.00. My husband drove up there and got it, we put it on and my motor fired right up. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, I am so happy.

BUT, isn't there always a but? Now we have another cold front going through tonight and it is supposed to blow all week. By the time I get to go back fishing I will need more than a shawl I will need all the cold weather gear.

I now have everything fixed that broke, a new fuel filter


A new power pac


My favorite reel is fixed


New rod tip


My net is fixed (forgot to take a pic of it fixed)


Everything is back in my boat just waiting on the weather.



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Hurray for repaired parts! So glad you got a great deal on the power pac. It's great when people go the extra mile to be helpful and work things out for us.

@scribblingramma Thank you, and yes the mechanic's wife is an Angel, I am so grateful to her, she could have charged us what she paid for it but did not do it because they had already put it on someone else's motor, when things like this happen I can not help but feel Blessed.

Great news @myjob, now we need to go a few months with no problems, fingers crossed 🤞


@wonderwop thank you and thanks for the laugh, I am doing good to go one week without something breaking. lol

You sure know how to do a lot!! Repairs like that are not my talent :(

@mariannewest Thank you, I give credit to my Dad, I was always watching him work on things and he would take the time to teach me as he worked.

You're one resourceful little lady. Now if only you could tame the weather!

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@deirdyweirdy thank you for the prompt, I wish I could tame the weather.

Great you are all set to go now @myjob. Just find a shawl to keep warm. 😊

@redheadpei Yes I am all set once again. Now if only the weather will let us go. This pompano season will be known for the season of wind. lol

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@trendotoken and @wonderwop thank you and happy weekend.