Day 740: 5 Minute Freewrite: Wednesday - Prompt: cold person

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This is my post for #freewrite Wednesday prompt cold person hosted by @mariannewest

There are two ways you can be a cold person, you can be like the, I do not wish to call them a person so I will say the "thing" that ran the turtle over or you can be like me. I am a cold person meaning I get cold but it is more than just cold. When I go into a store and spend more than 30 minutes in there any area of my body that is not covered starts to get cold. It feels like all the warmth is being sucked out of me. My hands go so numb that I can not function with them if I am wearing flip flops my feet even go numb. I can not even reach into our freezer to get the meat out for supper without my hands being numb and hurting. The doctor says my brain is telling me that I am cold and it shuts down the parts that it can do without. I disagree I can not do without my hands or feet. He calls it Raynauds. I have looked this up and it sounds like what is happening so I guess he is right about that. This makes me a cold person.

We woke this morning and it was blowing so we stayed home, but around 10am the wind came down so I told my husband I was going, he looked at me like I was crazy for leaving this late. I tried fishing around the railroad bridge, we caught pompano around it one time and we have both tried it several times since then and have never caught anything around it again today was no different.


I went out to the river and anchored on Cat Island. I threw 2 rods out and picked up the third one and I had a pompano on the first one I threw out. Rebaited it and got the other four poles out and I caught another one. I sat there for 30 minutes then caught another on. Another 30 mins. and caught one that was too small so I threw it back. I ended up with 16 pounds of pompano, 1 whiting and 1 jack.


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My neighbor has Raynauds, she's always covered up. Good to see you caught something today. I'll see you in the morning to drop Thursdays prompt.

@wonderwop I feel for her, it seems so stupid to me that my brain thinks I am cold when I am not and it shuts the blood off to my hands and feet. I think that is what happens.

I suffer from a less severe version of what you have as it only affects my feet and hands. I find these work quite well:

@musicvoter thank you, I did not know there was anything I could do about it other than dress for the occasion, like I make sure if I am doing a lot of shopping I wear shoes with socks and take gloves with me, which looks crazy given I live in Fl and I do this in the summer. I will for sure look this up.

Yes the copper in these gloves really makes a difference. I was sceptical but you can actually feel a little bit of heat as if they are powered by batteries!

@musicvoter this is what I need, I suffer even with gloves in the winter, it is really bad running my boat by the time I get to where I am going my hands feel like two nubs, I can not feel them and try to bait hooks is so hard to do. I can not thank you enough, thank you, thank you, thank you.

@wonderwop thank you, it is not to late, I fished late today and getting a late start on my freewrite

Yay, you caught fish this time, even with a late start! That blue sky looks lovely, by the way.

@scribblingramma I love a blue sky, rained on me 3 times today but I caught 30 pounds of pompano, a good days pay