Day 655: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday - Prompt: ideas worth spreading

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For @mariannewest in #freewrite

Any idea that frees a person from chains worth spreading. The chains do not have to be composed of actual metal

chain-links even though spreading these ideas was an absolute mast. Especially considering that freeing American slaves in 1862 was by far not the last slavery tackled on this planet.

Chains could come in many different forms and shapes. They could be the chains of ignorance, bigotry, racism, segregation, fear. They could even be the chains of the “groundhog day” when every day in the life of a person is a dull repetition of many other days.

One of such ideas is the idea of a self – contained toilet (a toilet without attached sewer pipes) that Bill Gates now is trying to bring to the World. For those who didn’t see this video consider this as my own contribution in spreading worthy ideas.

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I'd be a tad concerned that any Bill Gates toilet might deliver a free vaccination with every use;)


Many valid points you have here. : ) I am not a fan of Bill Gates so I didn't watch the video.

Resident cat here, thinking about how grateful I am not to be in chains. Here is today's new prompt:

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