Tears of Blood

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"It's time you learned your lesson. No one is out there and you are never going to leave this room." That's what it sounded like to Wilma, that no one understood that she loved Trap and the curtain on her window might as well have been a prison door.

She decided to follow through with her plan. She grabbed the pack from underneath her bed and pulled the red cotton curtain and opened the window. In only a moment she was free. She was on the sidewalk and heading to his house. She wondered what he would say to her when she showed up on his doorstep. They had only talked about it, but it would just have to happen now instead of waiting. Nothing about homemade peanut butter cookies crossed her mind, nothing about family nacho night was even a whisper when she found herself in his room.

"What are you doing here?"

"I had to get out. I couldn't stand it anymore."

Blanche appeared in the doorway, "Your mother called. We had quite the conversation." She slapped herself on the hip, "I think I pissed her off pretty good."

"Could you both get the hell out of my room. It's fricking ten o'clock in the morning."

Blanche pulled her out into the hallway shutting the door behind them, "You don't want to start shit with him this early in the morning.

Wilma gulped, "What did my mother say?"

"She was crying so hard I couldn't really tell ya." Blanche ran her finger across her red lipstick, "You got any money on you?"

"Yes." her knees were shaking."Do you think she's coming over here?"

"I told her if she did, I was callin the cops. You're seventeen and there's nothing she can do about it."

"C'mon." She said grabbing her keys, "Let's get some liquor until his highness wakes up." Blanche pulled her to her chest and gave her a squeeze. "It'll be alright darlin. You get over it. Trust me you don't see my girl hanging around here, do ya?"


"Yeah, she couldn't stand these guys. It wasn't me." Blanche had the good sense to put on her sunglasses. "It's bright as blazes out here!"

Wilma slid into the passenger seat and folded her flannel shirt across her lap.

"How much you got?"

"I have twenty on me, but I have a thousand dollars in the bank." Tears welled up in her eyes, "My mom was crying?"

"Blubbering like a baby. I tried to tell her it was no big deal, you're leaving, just young love. Kind of romantic." A smile spread across Blanche's powdered face.

"Should I call her?"

"Naw, give it time, you're not her little baby anymore." She said thoughtfully, "Now where's that bank of yours?"

The car sputtered down the street carrying the pair on their new found adventure.


Oh dear, quiet a story... Not the right place to be. She better get home asap.

You should use the tags #freewritehouse #writing and #story too

Thanks for the information regarding the tags. I fear Wilma may not return.

Now you make me thinking why... They will first lay hands on her money, next on her 🤔

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I understand that girls follow their hearts blindly and are often taken advantage of, but the adults around them make me FURIOUS!

Not only adults too, so do men and not only girls do, so do adult women.
It is easy to abuse and manipulate someone with feelings.


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Sadly, I think you are right.

Very well written @medusaeffect, really exciting and makes me want to read more, it's awesome.

This post is AWESOME!

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I want to write more! Thanks for your awesomeness!

Thank you for creating awesome content.

DISTURBING, but brilliantly written, and a view into what REALLY goes on ...

I truly appreciate your encouraging words.

I am sure the story of many young girls... that often does not end well.

Unfortunately, I had someone in mind when I wrote this.

I was afraid of that!

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