Monster Slayer

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Her blond curls rode on the breeze. Her feet danced all the way around the corner of the pond. "Help! Help Grampa!"

Fred stood up from the Adirondack chair and lurched forward. "Holy cow!" He shouted, "Hang on, I'm coming." He ran toward her grinning from ear to ear. "You got a monster on the line."

Just then, with both hands she threw the pole, lock stock and barrel, right into the water. "Help! There's a monster in the water!" She was paralyzed.

Grampa reached her just in time to save her and the reel and rod from danger. He threw her on his hip and stepped in to the water's edge. In only a moment Esther's courage return and she took the fishing pole back. She decided she wanted to see the creature face to face, as long as Grampa stayed right next to her. Her tiny knuckles turned white against the cork. Her arms ached. She bit her lower lip and pulled as hard as she could. Grampa's countless hours of instruction worked flawlessly. She turned the crank and drew up the slack, then pulled hard once more until the bullhead appeared only ten feet from them.

Grampa knew not to take the pole from her. She was nearly there. This is where fishing turns to a life long passion, he held his breath and watched her struggle against the bottom feeder. Esther was doing it, in only seconds the fish would be in the net.

Esther didn't look up. She kept a singular focus on the circles spiraling closer and closer. She saw grampa reaching the aluminum pole, straining to reach and net the thrashing fish. She gave it a final tug and brought him straight into the net. Fred was ready and scooped it up bringing it to shore. Esther fell backwards when he put it near her chest. It was ugly, but not nearly the beast she thought it might be.

Grampa was beaming. "Lets get a picture. The pair made their way down the path shouting to Grama who was already coming down the steps. Esther told her all about it and could hardly hold still while she snapped a picture.

Esther leaned in close and said in a growl, "Grama, I got me my very own best monster. I caught him and he's mine forever."

"What on earth are you going to do with him?" Gram's forehead wrinkled.

"I'm gonna keep him in the pond. He'll be my friend forever, but now I'm the boss of him."

Grampa and Esther went back down the path. Grama watched her soft tresses bounce behind her.

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